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The deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the North of England. The Northern cities feel far greater affinity with their Scottish counterparts such as Glasgow and Edinburgh than with the ideologies of the London-centric south... more

Wythenshawe Area Committee 2003-2004

You can visit the Manchester City Council web site to see what your councillor(s) are up to (not that they're up to anything - I mean they are up to something, but ... well you know what I mean). Have you ever contacted your - tell us.

Wythenshawe and Sale East borough constituency contains the following wards; Baguley, Benchill, Brooklands, Northenden, Sharston, Woodhouse Park, plus in the Borough of Trafford the following wards; Brooklands, Priory, Sale Moor.

Ward Official Email
Councillor Paul Andrews (Chair) Baguley
Councillor Hugh Barrett Sharston
Councillor Anthony Burns Baguley
Councillor Leo Collins Woodhouse
Councillor Steven Conquest Northenden
Councillor Susan Cooley Brooklands
Councillor Richard Cowell Northenden
Councillor Glynn Evans Brooklands
Councillor Thomas Judge Sharston
Councillor Michael Kane Northenden
Councillor Joyce Keller Sharston
Councillor Edward McCulley Baguley
Councillor Sue Murphy Brooklands
Councillor Edward Newman Woodhouse
Councillor Brian O'Neil Woodhouse No email address
Councillor Richard Unwin Benchill
Councillor Ian Wilmott Benchill

You can check ward names and city boroughs etc. out at HMSO (Her Majesty's Stationery Office).

Cheadle borough constituency in the Borough of Stockport contains the following wards; Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme North, Cheadle Hulme South, East Bramhall, Heald Green and West Bramhall.

How councillors can satisfy their voters

London councillors can make their voters happier within their existing budgets. They can do so by re-allocating their expenditures so that more funds are spent on bus and rail services. But the average Manchester voter would prefer to see more cash spent on bringing more jobs to their city while Birmingham residents would prefer more funds spent on cleaner streets.

These are the conclusions of a unique 'satisfaction index' developed by a team from the London School of Economics and Queen's University Belfast. The Economic and Social Research Council funded the research which enabled them to develop their index based on responses to a survey of the three largest English metropolitan areas.

The researchers analysed responses on the overall satisfaction from a council's provision of local services, which were then related to the levels of council expenditures. They believe that local councillors could do more to satisfy their voters if they applied these findings to their spending decisions.

"We set out to look at how citizens evaluate local services and what implications this has for their efficient delivery," explains Prof Keith Dowding, author of the research. "By doing so we wanted to inform policymakers how best to allocate funds".

"Preliminary results show that Londoners would be more satisfied if more money was allocated to public transport, Manchester residents would be happier if more was spent on planning and economic development and people living in the West Midlands would be more satisfied if more money was spent on street cleaning." "We found there were different priorities in different areas," adds Prof Dowding. "These often relate to local economic circumstances. For example, residents of poorer districts value spending on education and highways less than residents in more affluent districts. Once local and personal economic and demographic circumstances are controlled for, we found that voters' preferences are not really different from city to city."

Nationally, the research also reveals that when English urban residents evaluate their local public services they use a common national average as a basis, and not simply the average of their own metropolitan area.

The researchers believe that careful use of survey information on satisfaction with local council services can be used to derive the best way to spend council funds.

For further information:

Contact Prof Keith Dowding on 44-207-955-7176 or 44-186-576-0356 (home) or by email
Or Mr Thanos Mergoupis on 44-289-027-3308, or email
Or Lesley Lilley or Anna Hinds at the ESRC Press Office on 44-179-341-3119/413122



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