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Don't forget to feed the squirrels and the birds - and the foxes and the hedgehogs - and stray cats (then neuter at PDSA).

After election of Donald Trump, by minus 3,000,000 votes, we moved our site from dangerous, bankrupt USA to the criminally doubly indebted UK - on; faster, cheaper, more flexible, more secure, higher capacity, more under our control servers.

the uk government allow the north of england to secede from the uk and join scotland facebook TakeUsWithYouScotland Take Us With You Scotland  Log in with Facebook Take Us With You Scotland twitter TakeUsWithYouScotland Take Us With You Scotland #TakeUsWithYouScotland

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Scotland EnglandThe UK government allow the North of England to secede from the UK & join Scotland

The deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the North of England. The Northern cities feel far greater affinity with their Scottish counterparts such as Glasgow and Edinburgh than with the ideologies of the London-centric south... more

Wythenshawe Needs You!Local elections - you can stand as a candidate

Switch and save £££

Better still - use less power

QUESTION: Power supplies / mains adapters / transformers (6 v, 9 v, 12 v) why are they warm - when plugged in to equipment that is OFF?

i.e. If you are not using them are they still burning electricity - and burning a hole in your pocket?

ANSWER: Yes - they are warm because you are paying £££ to waste electricity. Unplug power supplies even if the equipment is OFF.

TIP: Get a power strip (multiple plug thingy) so you can unplug many things by unplugging just one plug - the easier it is the more times you will do it. Plug things you know are safe to unplug in the power strip (e.g. not your tropical fish heater). Unplugging stuff at night also helps with fire safety.

Each year we sleep 2,920 hours but leave many power supplies on. We go to work leaving the same power supplies on - in total 6,000 hours of wasted electricity - your wasted cash. Personally I spend the money I save on lovely beer - but if you don't like ice cold, sparkling amber, tasty beer - it's up to you.

If you keep forgetting to switch things off - or it's just a right pain - get a timer plug - that unplugs the lot at say 1:00 AM. TIP: Anything you would not like to be unceremoniously switched off (e.g. your computer) put on a different power strip.

Recycle More - at your nearest - Local Authority Household Waste Recycling Centre

Greater Manchester Waste Ltd Plant, Longley Lane, Sharston, Manchester, M22 4RQ

Waste Types Accepted: Car Batteries, Tyres, Garden Waste, Christmas Trees, Bulky Garden Waste, Bricks, Rubble, Concrete, Soil, Asbestos, Scrap Wood, Glass Bottles (Green), Glass Bottles (Amber), Glass Bottles (Clear), Car Oil, Aluminium Foil, Aluminium Cans, Mixed Metal Food & Drink Cans, Aerosols, Mixed Scrap Metal, Steel Food & Drink Cans, Bikes, Books, CARDBOARD, Christmas Cards, Mixed Paper (incl Newspapers, Junkmail, Magazines), All Textiles, Clothes, Sheets, Blankets, etc, Shoes, Domestic Batteries, Fluorescent Lamps, Cooling Appliances, Display Equipment, General WEEE, Large Household Appliances, Gas Discharge Lamps

Visit for more places to recycle.

Wythenshawe Hospital

(Continued from Page 1). When I was around 10 they fixed my belly button (apparently I had an umbilical hernia from birth - sounds more complicated than it was - I didn't even know I had it).

When I was 36, they fixed my ankle - I nearly broke it - I went over on it when I accidentally stood on a small football; while I was playing in the back garden (it swelled up like a giant purple balloon).

Then I hit my thumb nail with a hammer (don't ask) and a nice nurse fixed my blood blister and saved my nail from coming off (which I'm sure would is unpleasant). Who hasn't used Wythenshawe hospital more than once?

Wythenshawe Housing Links

Willow Park

Right to Buy - WARNING

We repeat advice from Willow Park housing - beware of callers offering help with Right to Buy. You can apply for right to buy yourself for FREE £0.00 - no not pay some stranger money for doing nothing - just call Willow Park their phone number is in the phonebook (and also on your rent book or rent statement).

If you have advice for people in Wythenshawe - let us know. Don't let it happen to someone else.

Wythenshawe Residents Associations

Let us know if you know any, or want to add one.

Wythenshawe Health

Wythenshawe Health Links

Wythenshawe Walk-In Centre, 1 Stancliffe Road, Benchill ... 0161 946 0065

Add a link

Wythenshawe's own web site

Surprised it took till 2004 for and to get registered. Is Wythenshawe behind the times? Let us know. My brother said; Why bother with this - no one in Wythenshawe is on the internet (but I beg to differ - and I guess you do to).

Wythenshawe Forum

Treadmills, rowing machines, stepping machines, weights, swimming pool, tanning cabinets, steam room, sauna, workout classes, aerobics ... Tel: 0161 935 9725

Go with a friend - the more the merrier. 

Swimming is very good exercise - but so is walking. Instead of waiting for the bus - walk to the next stop (I did - and I enjoyed it that much, when the bus caught up with me, I decided to walk the rest of the way).

Wythenshawe Church Links

Wythenshawe Church Links

Wythenshawe Anglican Team Ministry

St Luke's, Benchill

St Francis, Newall Green

St Martin, Baguley

St Richard, Peel Hall

William Temple, Woodhouse Park

Add a link to your church or group here

Wythenshawe Police and Policing

Crimestoppers ... 0800 555 111
But this is faster ... 0161 872 5050

As a citizen it is your duty to report crime. This benefits you, your neighbours and your area.

If you operate a homewatch and you have advice for other people contact us.

Wythenshawe Advice

Web links and phone numbers a plenty. Your head will be spinning with so much advice.


Citizens' Advice Bureaux
0161 499 3121

Manchester Carers Centre
0161 835 4090

Care & Repair Repairs for the elderly
0161 872 5500
Anchor Staying Put Elderly services
Age Concern
0161 236 3339
Law Centre
Free independent legal service
0161 498 0905
Greater Manchester Low Pay Unit
Employment advice, interesting pay rates
0161 953 4024
Manchester One Parent Family Advice Centre 0161 248 6739



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