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Scotland EnglandThe UK government allow the North of England to secede from the UK & join Scotland

The deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the North of England. The Northern cities feel far greater affinity with their Scottish counterparts such as Glasgow and Edinburgh than with the ideologies of the London-centric south... more

Cycling / Biking / Bicycling / Cyclist / Touring / Club / Bike

Wythenshawe and South Manchester, Altrincham and Sale, Stockport and beyond - by bike

Add your Cycling Club or tell us about Cycling Events - click here

We'd like to hear from people who know (or want to start) more gentle cycling clubs - short distance, slow pace, more social event with a little exercise thrown in (i.e. without tight pants, fancy jumpers and those pointy, go faster helmets).

For people with strong legs I hear there is something called the Manchester 100 (I guess it's 100 miles long) which happens every early September. I know at least once it has started from Wythenshawe Park. See Bike Events below.

You can cycle just a short distance of 3 miles to see beautiful sights and country and get really fresh air. Don't be afraid if you use a car to take your bike to further away spots (if your legs can't get you there). At least when you arrive, you won't be stuck in a hot car and forced to drive around like a lemon.

Cycling is great combined with other outdoor pursuits; kite flying, camping, photography, natural history, landscape painting, bird watching - you get out in the wilds and you don't make a load of noise and fumes.

Link: Seamons Cycling Club


South Manchester's Premier Cycling Club and home of The Altrincham and Sale Cyclists Touring Club. The Seamons as they are called by Manchester cyclists, are a traditional cycling club, with a proud 50 year history, with 120 members who take part in all aspects of the pastime and sport like their regular club runs that visit the Cheshire lanes and nearby Peak District.

Link: GMCC (Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign)


Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign produces the Manchester Cycling Map.


More to come - Click here to add

Other links:



Information about lots of bike events - obvious really.
Manchester velodrome (otherwise known as The National Cycling Centre) Velodromes are indoor cycling tracks (like at the Olympics) with corners that bank at an angle; so you can go really fast. I've always wanted to go on a velodrome - and I've always wanted to do the hurdles (not on a bike obviously). I have managed to fly a kite - but all that staring at the sky hurt my eyes.

More to come - Click here to add




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